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Northern California Branch of AALAS
Northern California Branch of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science P.O.Box 60068, Palo Alto, CA 94306 |

Winter (Q1)2018 Edition

About 25 percent of you voted in this year’s election and it was a rather close and exciting election. Results on page 3 show this year’s voters favored incumbents with prior BOD experience and candidates who actively declared a particular role with a very close race for middle of the pack.

Per our association’s By Laws, each BOD’s term is three years and each BOD may complete 2 consecutive terms. Helen and Cathy will serve their 2nd term and Christine and Caroline will serve their 1st term. Rich DeNise resigned earlier in the year and the BODs appointed Christine to finish Rich’s final 12 months thus this year does not count towards Christine’s service year. Dave Chu will be finishing his year as the Past President. He will also pass the Newsletter baton on to Caroline Sepulveda.

Cheryle is completing her 2nd term at year’s end and will be ineligible for re-election until 2019. To those who were unsuccessful this year, the BOD thank you for your interest to serve and we hope you will campaign again next year when 4 seats will be open.

Greetings District 8 AALAS members,

The AALAS Board of Trustees (BOT) held our summer meeting in Memphis in late July. The full minutes from the meeting have been posted on the AALAS website under Leadership/BOT Minute Archive.
We started off by selecting the location of the 2023 National Meeting which lands in our District and we hope to see you all in Salt Lake!

There is also an update on the 2019 Denver meeting we have had to change the dates of the meeting so it will now be held October 13-17 rather than November.
We also welcomed the Association for Gnotobiotics and Laboratory Animals Limited as affiliate organizations to AALAS.

We approved disbursements of excess funds to GLAS, CMAR, AALAS foundation, and to help cover some of the ad-ditional costs for housing and shuttles in Austin.

With the 2017 elections we welcome our new BOT members:

Vice President Elect: Tracy Lewis
At-Large Trustee: Jim Macy
Alternate At-Large Trustee: Bob Dauchy
District 1 Trustee: Bob Quinn
District 2 Trustee: Pam Straeter
District 2 Alternate Trustee: Erin Vogelsong
District 3 Alternate Trustee: Carolyn Pelham
District 4 Trustee: Mark Sharpless
District 4 Alternate Trustee: Tim Mandrell
District 6 Alternate Trustee: Tricia Rump
District 7 Trustee: Lindsey Holmes

Wishing you well,
Amber Carte
District 8 Trustee
District 8 AALAS Trustee Report

2018 Board of Directors

President (2017)— Brian Diethorn

President (2018)— Kristen Pincolini

Executive Treasurer– Lisa Grays

Executive Secretary– Christine Arnold

Education Chair– Cathy Nguyen

Membership Chair– Cheryle Aird

Public Relations, Commercial Memberships– Vinnie Guarniere III

Symposium Committee Chair— Helen Chum

At Large— Jeff Cassell, Catherine Sohn, Katie Kaufman

Past President (ex-officio)– Dave Chu*

Newsletter Editor— Dave Chu* (2017), Caroline Sepulveda* (2018)

Web Services– Carl Polizzi*

*Non-voting for 2018

Want to be a volunteer writer? Have content that you'd like to publish? Do you have an editorial or comments for this issue of NCB Sentinel? We want to hear from you!

Email the Newsletter Editor, Caroline Sepulveda




AALAS District 8 Action

SAVE THE DATE: 2018 District 8 Meeting May 9-11 at the The Duke Hotel, Newport Beach, CA

District 8 of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) is one of eight AALAS District divisions in the United States. District 8 encompasses Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. AALAS District 8 has within it's boundaries 10 of the nearly 50 affiliated Branches of the Association. Each District has 2 elected members to the AALAS Board of Trustees who, along with the Officers, serve as the governing body of AALAS. The 2017 D8 Meeting was in March.

D8 Website

The Usual Suspects

Send us your photos from NCB-AALAS events, along with brief notes on names places and happenings so we can record some history together. Our generous volunteer directors have been so busy running events like the annual Educational Symposium that we miss recording the actual day. So let's do it individually and gather pix from cell phones that were on scene! Send the goods to Carl at web services.

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