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District 8 AALAS Trustee Report

Greetings District 8 AALAS members,

I hope you all had a blast in Austin at the National AALAS meeting. We had a great attendance of over four thousand! While we were there the AALAS Board of Trustees (BOT) held our annual meeting. The full minutes from the meeting will be posted on the AALAS website under Leadership/BOT Minute Archive. We started off by approving additional support for the AAALAC International Fellowship Award by allowing the provision of housing at the AALAS National Meeting for the one fellowship recipient. We also approved our 2018 Operational and Capital Assets budgets and the appointment of Ms. Emily Slocum, Ms. Patricia Sikes, and Ms. Lisa Kelly as AALAS Foundation Board Directors-At-Large for three-year terms, 2018-2020.

AALAS BOT Representatives to the AALAS Foundation Board of Directors were approved for the duration of their Trustee terms: Stacy Cantrell (2019), Lindsay Holmes (2020).

The BOT approved the disbandment of the National Meeting Site Review Committee (NMSRC) and transfer of its functions to staff. The AALAS Policies & Procedures Manual (PPM) will be revised accordingly.

In addition to this there has been a reworking for the use of the Ben Cohen Educational Funds. The funds will be used to provide training and resource identification in association management for branch leaders through a Management Summit. The Management Summit will be held at AALAS headquarters in Memphis March 23rd-25th. Each branch president will receive an invite to send on branch member to this event. The Ben Cohen funds will pay for on-site expenses (lodging, transportation, meals, and materials), branches will be responsible for the transportation to Memphis for their participant.

The agenda will include:

Governance (Nominations, Elections, Board Meetings, Parliamentary Procedure)
Legal Issues for Branches *Membership Recruitment and Retention
Meeting Planning: Logistics *Meeting Planning: Programs
Financial Issues for Branches *Government Relations
Fundraising and Sponsorship *Advocacy (AALAS Foundation)
Marketing (website, social media) *Newsletter/Publications

Please consider sending someone who will be with your branch for a bit such as a vice president. This is a pilot program so don’t wait to send someone next time and miss this opportunity!

Have you ever heard of the Branch Challenge, currently this is where branches can opt in to compete and win a banner and plaque by having the greatest increase in national members joining their branch. However it is time to rework this as large stable branches who do great things will never have a chance of winning this and what do branches do with that giant banner! If you have ideas please send them along to me.

Please contact me if you have any questions, or ideas for things you would like to see.

Wishing you well,
Amber Carte
District 8 Trustee



AALAS District 8 Action

SAVE THE DATE: 2018 District 8 Meeting May 9-11 at the The Duke Hotel, Newport Beach, CA

District 8 of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) is one of eight AALAS District divisions in the United States. District 8 encompasses Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. AALAS District 8 has within it's boundaries 10 of the nearly 50 affiliated Branches of the Association. Each District has 2 elected members to the AALAS Board of Trustees who, along with the Officers, serve as the governing body of AALAS. The 2017 D8 Meeting was in March.

D8 Website

The Usual Suspects

Send us your photos from NCB-AALAS events, along with brief notes on names places and happenings so we can record some history together. Our generous volunteer directors have been so busy running events like the annual Educational Symposium that we miss recording the actual day. So let's do it individually and gather pix from cell phones that were on scene! Send the goods to Carl at web services.

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