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Go faster! Performance engines and dyno tuning by a race-proven expert, Glenn Castro.

High Performance Motor Building

Get 100+ horsepower Harley motors at NC Hyper Sports

Get an easy 100 plus HP
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We have more than 30 years of experience building V-Twin engines, inline fours and two-strokes — and we’ve built motors for world record-setting Bonneville bikes. NCH has been porting four-stroke cylinder heads and two-stroke barrels for decades, specializing in large valve Harley-Davidson heads. We have a proven ability to build motors to your desired state of tune for dirt, street or track use.

  • Big Bore Kits
  • High Horsepower Cams, Installed and Degreed
  • Proven Porting Services
  • Harley-Davidson Large Valve Cylinder Heads for 100+ horsepower motors

Dyno Work

Get 100+ horsepower Harley motors at NC Hyper Sports

We feature Feuling Reaper Cams.

NCH was established as a tuning center in 1994. We tune Power Commander 5, Power Vision, and Bazazz/Vance and Hines, plus all Harley-Davidson units.

Get 200+ horsepower ZX-14 motors at NC Hyper Sports

Black Betty gets a Stage 4 street motor.

On the bench now...

At less than 20,000 miles this 2007 ZX-14 ate an exhaust valve that destroyed the combustion chamber on that cylinder. Glenn Castro is building a Stage 4 street motor instead of just buying a new cylinder head and block from Kawasaki for $5K for the bare parts.
When finished, this NC Hyper Sports performance motor will have a lightened and balanced crankshaft, 2mm over 13.5 compression Wiseco pistons, Feuling Pulse cams, with porting by Glenn before final Power Commander III setup and NCH Dyno Tuning.

One big surprise was that synthetic oil may not be a wise choice in higher RPM engines, because this lightly used motor looked VERY worn when opened up. We will use petroleum from now on per Glenn's recommendation.

To repair the motor to stock at the dealer would have been almost $10K but for just over half that and a website Glenn is going all the way with this project. We will report dyno numbers after Christmas!

209 at the wheel but the mirrors don't work after tossing the counter balancers…


A native of San Diego, Glenn grew up in Chula Vista, where he was his high school's motocross champion. His first job was in a Suzuki motorcycle dealer, Hurst Supply, owned by the family of world champion Kevin Schwantz. That led to him traveling with the Kenny Roberts/Mert Lawill racing team — an experience that taught him a lot.

In 1989, Glenn started North County Hyper Sports, a dyno tuning center, where the Hyper Sports Racing Team was formed. The group had years of success at Willow Springs; he built the motor and set up the front end of a GSXR1300 that set six world records over six days — one of the best weeks in his motorcycle life. He also had a chopper appear on Thunder Garage, winning Best of Show at Hollister.

Along with motorcycles, golf became an obsession for Glenn, who usually plays 2-3 times a week. Wanting to enjoy both passions together, he designed the Golf Caddy — so he can get to the links stress-free, without having to deal with the hassles of traffic, saving time and gas. It took nine months and four prototypes to perfect the Golf Caddy for his Harley-Davidson; now it slips through the wind as if it's not even there.

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North County Hyper Sports Inc.

2933 Oceanside Blvd, Suite B
Oceanside, CA 92054
Between Garrison St. and Foussat Rd., just West of El Camino Real
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