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Get routine motorcycle maintenance while you wait!

Get your tires while you wait at NC Hyper Sports 92054.


As a full-service shop and dyno tuning center, we can address all your bike’s needs — from minor tweaks to full rebuilds after an accident. We have a long history of working with all insurance companies. From your new bike’s first service, to yearly checks and replacement of fresh vital fluids like coolant, brake and clutch fluids, or a quick battery test to see when it will be time for a fresh power cell to avoid that feeling of getting all dressed and the thing won't turn over…

Our V-Twin friends visit often.

Bino is in da house.

NC Hyper Sports does lots of Harley-Davidson work.

Need an oil change? Choose from our complete selection of petroleum and synthetic lubricants and oil filters — and we’ll efficiently provide this service while you wait. Other popular services include:

  • Custom paint
  • Multi-stage powder coating
  • Chrome and polishing
  • Professionally fitted handlebar and control installation


When you choose NCH, the issue you may have faced of having to wait for parts will be eliminated. We stock a wall of sprockets and drive chains for street and dirt bikes, along with a complete line of motorcycle tires for street, sport, dirt/enduro, and Harley-Davidson and Metric cruisers — featuring EBC quality products. And when you purchase tires from us, we’ll mount them while you wait.

We also offer a full line of accessories, with helmets, gloves, and many common accessories in stock and special orders just a phone call away. 1-760-722-8863

Get your gear at NC Hyper Sports 92054.

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A native of San Diego, Glenn grew up in Chula Vista, where he was his high school's motocross champion. His first job was in a Suzuki motorcycle dealer, Hurst Supply, owned by the family of world champion Kevin Schwantz. That led to him traveling with the Kenny Roberts/Mert Lawill racing team — an experience that taught him a lot.

In 1989, Glenn started North County Hyper Sports, a dyno tuning center, where the Hyper Sports Racing Team was formed. The group had years of success at Willow Springs; he built the motor and set up the front end of a GSXR1300 that set six world records over six days — one of the best weeks in his motorcycle life. He also had a chopper appear on Thunder Garage, winning Best of Show at Hollister.

Along with motorcycles, golf became an obsession for Glenn, who usually plays 2-3 times a week. Wanting to enjoy both passions together, he designed the Golf Caddy — so he can get to the links stress-free, without having to deal with the hassles of traffic, saving time and gas. It took nine months and four prototypes to perfect the Golf Caddy for his Harley-Davidson; now it slips through the wind as if it's not even there.

Get some!

North County Hyper Sports Inc.

2933 Oceanside Blvd, Suite B
Oceanside, CA 92054
Between Garrison St. and Foussat Rd., just West of El Camino Real
Open Monday-Saturday


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