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So Cal Trike Center sales and service from San Marcos, CA

As the first and oldest trike shop in California, (Established in 1994), SO CAL TRIKE CENTER is the ONLY shop in the State of California that is certified and authorized to build, sell and service the top trike brands in the industry.   SEE ALL TRIKE MODELS…

At SO CAL TRIKE CENTER, our dedication to motorcycling didn't start with three wheels. We know the backbone of every great trike is a great bike--and we're as dedicated to rolling on two wheels as we are to cruising on three. Long before we discovered the "threedom" of trikes, we were living the motorcycling lifestyle.   MOTORCYCLES…


So Cal Trike Center sales and service from San Marcos, CA

Have trailer--will travel; that's the spirit here at SO CAL TRIKE CENTER. Hitching up your bike, trike, or sidecar rig with all your gear to head out on the highway gives freedom a whole new dimension. From cross-country adventures to road-trip getaways, take life on the road to the next level with a motorcycle trailer from SO CAL TRIKE CENTER.   TRAILERS…

Hitting the road on three wheels is a riding experience like none other, so trust all your trike needs to a shop like none other - the SO CAL TRIKE CENTER. Don't forget, as the first and oldest trike shop in California, SO CAL is the only shop in the state that's certified and authorized to build, sell and service the top trike brands in the industry.


So Cal Trike Center sales and service from San Marcos, CA

From vintage WWII iron to modern touring machines, nothing on the road turns heads like a sidecar. And, like motorcycles, trikes and snowflakes, you won't find two sidecars alike. So, when it comes to sales and service for these one-of-a-kind rides, roll with a one-of-a-kind shop--SO CAL TRIKE CENTER.

The heart and soul of any Sidecar is the bike it's bolted to. At SO CAL TRIKE CENTER, we are MMI and Harley-Davidson® PHD factory trained and able to service any/all hacks from Motor Trike, Champion, Liberty, to what ever rig you may have. The experts at SO CAL TRIKE CENTER truly understand the unique mechanics and dynamics of your sidecar.   MORE ABOUT SIDE CAR MODELS…

At SO CAL TRIKE CENTER, our trike conversion prices always include paint, (one color), installation, wheels, tires and any shipping/crating charges to give you a more realistic cost. We do not just list the lowest possible price to get your business. For example, others often list the Lehman Renegade at $8,950.00, when in reality you gotta add installation, paint, and shipping/crating, to that price before you can have a trike, not to mention sales tax, and that's for just a basic bare-bones kit, with no options! Since we started doing trikes in 1994, we have NEVER sold a basic kit; there are just too many options to consider.

It takes time to know and understand all the options that are available, and why you may or may not want them, this is also why an appointment is so important. We prefer the personal approach; my name is Rix, let's start with a phone call so we can discuss what you are looking for, and what you want, then I can give you an idea of the costs involved, next we set up an appointment and a TEST RIDE at the shop in San Marcos, California. If you are looking to convert you current bike, North San Diego County has some fantastic back roads and scenery. SO CAL TRIKE CENTER could be a stop along the way to another great ride. If you are serious about a Trike or just curious and have questions, maybe you have never ridden a Trike, give SO CAL TRIKE CENTER a call today for your TEST RIDE appointment!
We here at SO CAL TRIKE CENTER look forward to meeting you and developing a long-lasting relationship based on our trusted service and support to keep you safe and in the wind!


Routine service and maintencance, no problem, two wheels or three! Accessories installed, custom modifications, hi-performance, chrome, crash estimates, warranty repairs, AM, FM, CD, CB, Cell Phone, GPS, mechanical appraisals, suspension upgrades, even paint and body work.   MORE ABOUT SERVICE…
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We are the ONLY one to do all 4 of the BIG BOYS, (Lehman, Champion, CSC, & Motor Trike), and the Oldest Trike Dealer here in California.
So if you want your trike, whether it is a Honda or a Harley built, or serviced, or maybe you want something custom, we can do it! Stop by and say "Hi!" God Bless You, Rix Eden

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