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Tilting Motor Works Trikes from SO CAL TRIKE CENTER

Reverse Trikes are an interesting option.

We founded Tilting Motor Works in the belief that safety and confidence on a motorcycle don’t have to come at the expense of performance.

About Tilting Motor Works Trikes


Anyone who rides a bike knows the pure liberty of life on two wheels, and the hazards that lurk around every bend in the road. Dissatisfied with the lumbering trikes that have become the norm, we set out to design a breakthrough 3-wheeler that would make it much easier and safer to ride a big V-Twin without sacrificing a thing in the experience. And after years of tweaking and tuning every detail on the computer and logging thousands upon thousands of real-world road miles to test and refine the design…we’ve think we’ve got it.

The lean is the thing. A trike that can’t lean into the turn drives like a car with handlebars, not a motorcycle; you actually fight the gyroscopic effect that makes cornering on a motorcycle secure. And the simplest way to make a trike that leans is to put the third wheel up front. The trick is to make both front wheels tilt in tandem.

Other benefits come with the front-trike design. Two wheels in front means more rubber on the road and better stopping power. Better yet, you can hit gravel or oil with one front wheel and the other will maintain traction around the bend like nothing happened. And each of those wheels can soak up a bump that might throw you on a regular bike.

So now a veteran rider who might be looking at giving up the bike, and with it many of the relationships built over the years on the road, can keep riding happily for years to come. A new rider, or someone who likes the idea of riding a Harley® but can’t quite imagine handling such a big machine, can hop on as well. And, let’s face it, performance enthusiasts who know how to turn that extra traction and braking into miles per hour are going to like it too.


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