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K-LEVER2 and Kliktronic Control Systems

Disabled and want to start riding—or want to start riding again? Turn to SO CAL TRIKE CENTER and get back on the road.

With the right equipment, the road is yours no matter what your disability. From special handlebar controls and left foot brakes to push button gearshifts and reverse systems, SO CAL TRIKE CENTER has the equipment and expertise to get you “back in the wind.”
And, we have you covered for the dismount, too. Our modified Thule Rack Systems let you fold and mount your wheelchair to your trike or trailer, which means it's always within reach for the off-the-bike action!
SO CAL TRIKE CENTER specializes in trike conversions and modifications for the handicap rider. We are prepared and equipped to get you back on your bike, no matter what:
Kliktronic Pushbutton Gear Changers:
This electronic actuator system shifts gears with the simple push of a button. Best described as an “electronic foot,” the Kliktronic system makes shifting easy, faster and more accurate.

Easy thumb operation, via 2 discreet buttons
Simply the quickest way to shift - 35 - 50 milliseconds
Dual-action mechanism performs both up and down shifts
Powered by your bike's electrical system
Crafted from the highest quality electrical and mechanical components
Military-grade switches are easy to push and built tough
Switch assembly does not clutter handlebars
Reverse Systems:
Makes performing reverse maneuvers effortless
Geared reverse — uses the power of your bike's motor
Electric reverse — uses an auxiliary electric motor
Left Foot Brakes:
The right side isn't necessarily the “right side” for your rear brake
Left Handle Bar Master Cylinder:
When it comes to controls, there really is no “right side”
EZ Clutch for Harley Davidson:
Reduces clutch pull effort by up to 30%
Delivers smoother, easier clutch action
Handlebar Controls:
With all the operational controls mounted to your handlebars, you hit the road without any assistance—which is what riding is all about.
Electronic Shifting
Dual Braking
Reverse Controls
Wheelchair Mounts:
SOCAL TRIKE CENTER modifies 2 popular Thule® Racks specifically to safely mount & haul your wheelchair.
Thule Eclipse — Easily mount your wheelchair directly to your trike
Thule Roadway — Securely mount your wheelchair to your cycle trailer hitch

Shown here is the New K-LEVER2 system for Handicap Riders, it can be configured several different ways. For the Right or Left Side. It can be a Double Brake or combination Clutch and Brake, Cable and/or Hydraulic too.
So Cal Trike Center offers a complete kit for you.

This exciting new innovation, K-LEVER 2 from the manufacturers of the Kliktronic Electric Shifter is the perfect solution for motorcycle riders who are unable to use their right foot for the rear brake.
The modular design allows independent operation of both front and rear brakes using just one hand.
It can be configured for clutch and brake operation, hydraulic and/or cable, even Right and/or Left side for total versatility. Available in natural or black finish.
Fluid Reservoirs, Hoses, Fittings, & Residual Valve, (if needed), must be purchased separately.

So Cal Trike Center offers a kit for your Trike, Bike, or Sidecar Rig!


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