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We are an international company
delivering the Finest Parts & Service from San Marcos, CA.

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Lehman Trikes Inc, USA, Champion Trikes, California Sidecar Trikes, Motor Trike, and Custom Trikes!
They are all right here!

Here is Rix celebrating Christmas with veterans.

Rix is celebrating Christmas at Camp Pendleton.

My name is Rix.

I own/operate SO CAL TRIKE CENTER and Dusk to Dawn Motorcycle Service.

I have always been kinda mechanical, taking things apart to see how they work. It always made me wonder about electronics, you know, no moving parts; how did it work!? So I joined the Marines and learned electronics. They trained me on radar. I was a Radar Tech. As a civilian I worked in electronics for many years, working on Marine Corps Huey and Cobra Helicopters, HBO TV descrambler boxes, VCR's, I did QC, production, and repair of all types of stuff. I even worked on neonatal ventilators for a few years and was a Final Checkout Technician on the cruise missile when they were made by General Dynamics in Kearny Mesa. But I wasn't happy, so I quit General Dynamics and went to MMI, Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, in 1987. I graduated and went right to work at H-D South in Perrine, Fla. I moved back to California as soon as I could and was at South Coast H-D as a Mechanic, then I was the Parts Manager at San Diego Harley-Davidson when Doc owned it. I started doing mobile service and then got a "real" shop in 1991 and I love it! Best thing I ever did! I found what I like to do so it aint work, most of the time anyway. Then in 1994, we became the 1st Lehman dealer here in California. It was at this time we started to also work on the Goldwing doing trike conversions and service. The Honda Goldwing really opened my eyes to a whole new world! "Amazing" SO CAL TRIKE CENTER is also a Champion and California Side Car trike, trailer and side car dealer too!

We are the ONLY one to do all four of the BIG BOYS and the oldest trike dealer here in California. So if'n you want your trike, whether it is a Honda or a Harley built, or serviced, or maybe you want something custom, we can do it!
Stop by and say "Hi!"

God Bless, Rix Eden


Routine service and maintencance, no problem, two wheels or three! Accessories installed, custom modifications, hi-performance, chrome, crash estimates, warranty repairs, AM, FM, CD, CB, Cell Phone, GPS, mechanical appraisals, suspension upgrades, even paint and body work.   MORE ABOUT SERVICE…
Dusk to Dawn Motorcycle Service | (760) 744-1688 | 24/7/365 for emergency after hours: leave a message, someone will call you right back!

Dusk to Dawn MC in San Marcos, CA 92078

Call Rix: (760) 744-1688

1050 Linda Vista Drive, San Marcos, CA 92078

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Ask about FREE drunk rider pickup.*

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We are the ONLY one to do all 4 of the BIG BOYS, (Lehman, Champion, CSC, & Motor Trike), and the Oldest Trike Dealer here in California.
So if you want your trike, whether it is a Honda or a Harley built, or serviced, or maybe you want something custom, we can do it! Stop by and say "Hi!" God Bless You, Rix Eden

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Add details for FREE drunk rider pickup. Yes, we will bring you AND your bike home safely, within reasonable range of course.

Rix is here to help.